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“Companies that effectively appreciate employee value enjoy a return on equity and assets more than triple that experienced by firms that don’t. Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For’ stock prices rose an average of 14% per year from 2009-2013, compared to 6% for the overall market.” – Dr. Noellee Nelson, Make More Money by Making Your Employees Happy.

If you are a business looking to increase productivity and improve your bottom line, then the best way to start is with a ‘thank you’ gesture on MonthlyStar.com

Monthly Star gives your business a competitive edge by providing a cost-effective way to give employees the recognition and praise that they deserve for their hard work and commitment to your business’s success. Studies show that employees who receive recognition for their work through symbolic gestures such as MonthlyStar.com provide more efficient, quality work. By highlighting an employee on MonthlyStar.com, you save money through an easy-to-use recognition system and increase the productivity of your best employees through positive reinforcement.

As a business owner, the most impactful and important investment that you make is in your employees. When employees feel recognized and appreciated, they are more likely to provide quality work at the best of their ability. It is that simple philosophy that drives MonthlyStar.com

MonthlyStar.com is the only website dedicated to value through employee recognition. Showcase your star employees and see the difference it makes to your business today!

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  • Bradley Meersand
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  • Bradley Meersand
  • Chief Operating Officer
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  • Larry Abrahams
  • Chief Morale Officer